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Lady Faye and Lady Cloe aren't used to having a slave. They have lived together for some time and just bought a slave into their home. As they sit down and think of their upcoming week, their slave comes into the room. They are stunned to see him go to his knees and kiss their feet. They love the attention that he gives but they have to get used to him being around.

Dark haired sadosisters has their new slave bound and tied and on the floor with his face stuffed in the carpet. With knee high black boots on and short ass skirts on they kick and trample all on his bare back until he is red from the brutal pain they are serving. If that isn't enough they get a nice little whip to whip him for not doing what he is suppose to.

Katja and her girlfriend decided to treat their slave for doing such a bad housework. They order him right in front of them, making him lie on the ground in front of them both. They get out of their shoes and heels and simply use him as their personal foot carpet. They enjoy their power and trample him with their full weight. They don't stop - Katja is also doing some cruel facestandings with her sexy bare feet - but the slave isn't able to resist them...

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