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Manon is a mistress that won't let go. She is a woman that refuses to let her slave go on with his life. Instead, she gets into his house and makes him lay on the sofa. As she tells him what he won't do under their new contract, she takes her boots off. She makes him smell them. She sits on his stomach and rubs her feet all over his face. When they come to an agreement, she stands on him and rubs her feet all over his face, making him suck her toes.

Mistress Lea just returned from her daily walk in the forest. Her feet have become hot and wet inside her boots she has worn all day long! The perfect situation to use her boots to torture her slave with its smell. He is already bound to a wall as she returns back home. Next she takes off her shoes and puts them over his mouth and nose to force him to smell her sweaty feet...

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