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Madame Marissa planned to use her feet to punish and humiliate this loser. She knew it was the best way to do it so she went and waded in mud before she went back to her house and used the muddy boots to humiliate and punish her slave. She forced him to lick them clean and much as he tried to evade it, she made sure he licked them clean.

The mistress insists upon a clean horse stable, and her silly slave boy has disappointed her yet again. While he's lying on the floor of the dirty stable, she alternates between stepping in horse scat and on this poor loser's chest, trampling him and covering him with horse shit. Her method of discipline is harsh but effective, and he's eventually reined in to be her ultimate submissive slave.

Mistress Catarina likes to get her boots dirty and then using them to humiliate her slave. She is one of the few mistresses who are not into hurting the slave but rather humiliating him or her. So she made him lick her soles as well as the rest of her dirty boots till they were clean. She did not want him to spit out the dirty but rather swallow it.

Both hot ass girls equipped with tall black boots, and leather whip sits on the edge of their couch while their bound slave licks the bottoms of their soles. They love boot worship and they order him to worship their beautiful boots. The pain and torture seem to turn him on as they see his hard cock rising from under his jeans. They try to inflict more pain until they wipe the smile off his face.

Kitty makes a short walk with her slave in the park. Because of the rain her boots become very dirty and muddy. Since no mistress wants muddy or dirty boots, she takes place on a bank in the park, makes her slave kneel in front of her and orders him to lick her heels spotless! He instantly starts by licking the mud off. She also forces him to swallow the dirt for her...

Sonja and Carla are doing a short walk with their slave into the forest. As they arrive there, they sit on his back and make this poor slave carry them all the way. They also let him crawl through the dirt and mud and they make him lick and worship their very dirty boots! But the main issue is that those ladies are happy...

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