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Mistress Anne and her friends had had enough of this guy and they felt that today he had to be taught a cruel lesson. He did not think the mistresses would do anything to him and they did not even give him any indication that they would do anything to him. So he followed them blindly to the woods until they came to a muddy spot where they waded in mud and used the muddy boots to trample and dominate him. He had to lick them clean as well.

When Mistress Lea goes for a walk, it's always during the muddiest time of the year. She knows that her slave doesn't like it but she loves the squishing of mud under her boots. When she stops for a rest, she has her newest slave lick the mud off her boots. She is happy to watch as he grimaces and lick her boots clean of what may or may not be mud.

When it comes to treating her slave, Mistress Maeva knows how to do it. She puts on her favorite pair of heeled knee boots and goes for a walk in the woods. She makes sure to step in lots of mud and coats the bottom of her soles in thick mud. She meets her slave and has him clean her soles. He takes the heel in his mouth and sucks the mud off. He then licks the thick mud off her boot soles with a hard dick.

Mistress Lea and her slave are doing a short walk outside in the forest. She suddenly notices that her shoes are really dirty - so she decides to command her slave to lick them clean. He immediately starts to lick the mud and dirt off her soles and swallows everything like a good little puppy for her...

Kitty makes a short walk with her slave in the park. Because of the rain her boots become very dirty and muddy. Since no mistress wants muddy or dirty boots, she takes place on a bank in the park, makes her slave kneel in front of her and orders him to lick her heels spotless! He instantly starts by licking the mud off. She also forces him to swallow the dirt for her...

Sonja and Carla are doing a short walk with their slave into the forest. As they arrive there, they sit on his back and make this poor slave carry them all the way. They also let him crawl through the dirt and mud and they make him lick and worship their very dirty boots! But the main issue is that those ladies are happy...

Mistress Maeva forces a slave to worship her muddy riding boots in the outdoors. He has to eat the mud from her shoes and gets his whole face covered with mud as she pushes the boots hard into his face. To clean his face she spits into his face afterwards - isn't she a gracious mistress?

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