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Mistress Avery is a cunning girl. She wanted this guy to lick her feet. But she knew that if she asked him to do it, he would not do it. She had to come up with a new way of doing things. So the mistress chose to tease him and then tell him that her feet were her g-spot. And that if he licked them, he would turn her on massively. He did it and she enjoyed it but she did not get turned on.

This mistress did not like how her boyfriend was used to being in his comfort zone sexually. She did not like it because it was boring. She wanted them to try different things but she had to, first of all, get him to understand there was a problem. The mistress showed him there was a problem by trampling him and expressing how boring sex with him was. He understood her.

Goddess Chanel came home and found her slave had slept the whole day. She was not happy with him and wanted to avoid him becoming lazy. So she punished him. She used her foot fetish to do it and she made it as painful as she could. She forced the slave to lick her feet as well as endure her trampling. When she was done with him, he had learned his lesson.

Mistress Giana is a hot mistress. She likes to have all kinds of fun and today she was interested in trying foot fetish. She flirted with a guy from across the road and invited him to her house. She made him believe it would turn her on if he licked her feet and smelled her socks so the guy did it hungrily. When she had had enough, she laughed at him and chased him away.

This breathtaking young brunette foot fetish queen has a slave who is dying to lick her boots. She wants the session to be nice and messy for him so she walks about in the mud smoking a cigarette. She sits in her car while he kneels next to her. She puts her feet before her slave and he starts polishing the mud off of them with his tongue licking the soles clean.

The Italian mistress has very sexy feet. And she wants her slave to spoil them! She makes her feel comfortable and sits down on the couch. Then she stretches her legs and orders the slave to put her toes in his mouth and lick them. He has to do a good job and clean them - otherwise she will punish him and he has to do some other, way more disgusting jobs...!!

Lady Katja and her best friend are sitting on the couch. They both have heard very much about you the famous foot fetishist. They find it disgusting that someone is into feet and they want you to get down on your knees and worship their feet! They know your little secret and if you want them not to tell it to anybody else, you have to follow their orders...

Mistress Cathy loves it to trample her slaves with her bbw body. She knows how hard and painful it is for her servants to carry her on their chest and body - but it's also a proof of loyalty for her and required for every new slave. And the reward for being such a nice carpet is always to be allowed to lick her stinky sweaty feet clean - isn't that nice at all?

BBW Lady Cathy has 3 of her money slaves lying on the floor with their hands tied up behind their backs - so they cannot escape. She teases them with her sexy bare feet she rubs over their faces. She makes them smell her feet and sneakers until they are willing to hand over their money to her. BBW Lady Cathy always gets what she wants and of course what she deserves...

Mistress Katja is angry. This guy is owes her money he cannot bring up at the moment. So he gives her his clock - but she cannot sell it so she decides to crush his clock right in front of him. After she is done with it she tramples him with her sneakers and verbal humiliates him a lot for being such a loser.

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