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Deanne is the queen of BDSM and she is holding on to her reign by completely humiliating you today. She smokes a cigarette and blows the smoke into your pathetic face. This brutal red head decides to reward you by giving her a taste of her fleshy ash tray. This evil babe ashes on her extremely sexy foot and allows you to lick every single piece of ash off of it!

This spoiled brat wants her sore feet to be licked and sucked. A janitor comes in and she immediately orders him to lie down. The foot mistress slides her ballet shoes off and stuffs them in his face for him to worship and smell them. Her black stockings is rolled off her bare feet and those sweaty feet are rubbed up and down his face. The unsatisfied bitch still was not happy, but at least her feet are clean.

BBW Lady Cathy has some very pretty feet. However they are tired right now from trampling all over her slaves. To get away she goes into the womens' bathroom and immediately take off her shoes. Her pretty toes wiggles freely as she admires then on the toilet. She wants you to lick her sweaty feet then use them to do a little trampling on your back.

Lady Katja and her best friend are sitting on the couch. They both have heard very much about you the famous foot fetishist. They find it disgusting that someone is into feet and they want you to get down on your knees and worship their feet! They know your little secret and if you want them not to tell it to anybody else, you have to follow their orders...

The SadoSisters welcome you in your new role as their blackmail slave. Since you do not want somebody to know that you are totally into sexy female feet you have to obey and worship those evil girls. Your first task is it to lick and suck all the dirt from their sneakers. Of course this would not be the only task you get...

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