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These two Russian femdoms are trampling their shoe slave, they begin by trampling his cock and then move to his face standing on his head in the process while wearing their high heels. They then have their slave stand as they begin to deliver ballbusting blows to his nuts kicking him as hard as they can. These two high heel trampling femdoms try to cause as much pain as they can to bring their slave to his knees.

After Miss Melissa got her sexy feet sucked and worshipped, she decided to trample her helpless victim! He is lying on ground, unable to move as she suddenly stepped on him with her bare feet! As she noticed his inconvenient state she increased the pressure and even jumped on his chest to torture him much more...

Mistress Katja invited one of her slaves into her slave dungeon. This place is part of a big stack and the pro is that nobody can hear a slave scream there, she tells him. Then she starts her evil trampling session with her sexy high-heeled-pumps! She walks all over his body with her entire weight and as reward she later gets out off her shoes to trample her slave bare-foot...

Mistress Katja loves to torture her slave in a most evil way. She decides to teach him a lesson in full-weight high heel trampling. He has to lie down in front of her, next she steps on him with her sharp high-heeled sandals. He cannot resist her because she bound his hands together. Then she gets out of her shoes to trample him with her sexy bare feet. She even jumps on his chest and also performs some full weight facestandings.

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