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When Mistress Lisa gets a new pair of shoes, she has to wear them out that night. But she wants to make sure she likes them. She gets dressed and puts her slave on the floor. She gets on his chest and walks with only her stockings on her feet. She jumps and puts her foot in his face. She then put her shoes on to walk up and down in them. She asked him if he like them but he could only grunt in pain.

This gorgeous glam goddess cannot stop laughing while she tortures this pathetic gimp! She rubs her silver heels on his chest, slowly pushing on his ribs. Then she finally stands on him, putting her full weight on his chest. This weak gimp cannot take it and he tries to get her off him. The sadistic mistress shows no mercy, and she pushes his back down, and then slaps him! The mistress is really mad now and he will feel her wrath!

These two Russian femdoms are trampling their shoe slave, they begin by trampling his cock and then move to his face standing on his head in the process while wearing their high heels. They then have their slave stand as they begin to deliver ballbusting blows to his nuts kicking him as hard as they can. These two high heel trampling femdoms try to cause as much pain as they can to bring their slave to his knees.

After the slave has done the housework for his mistresses, the SadoSisters, he gets a final trampling in the floor of the entrance. Both girls walk all over his back while they wear high heeled sandals and pumps! As the slave encumbers himself he is beaten with a cane as answer...

Mistress Katja invited one of her slaves into her slave dungeon. This place is part of a big stack and the pro is that nobody can hear a slave scream there, she tells him. Then she starts her evil trampling session with her sexy high-heeled-pumps! She walks all over his body with her entire weight and as reward she later gets out off her shoes to trample her slave bare-foot...

See Mistress Anna trample her bound up slave outside in the garden of a farm. She steps on his fingers and hands to make him cry - and then she steps on his chest to stomp and trample him. She doesn't' even think about him and his suffering - she is amused and that's the main issue...

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