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Mistress Maeva wants to treat her sex slave to a special treat: a delicious chocolate cake. But there's a catch: he must eat it off the bottom of her high heel shoes! What a disgrace! What humiliation! But it's a treat that he does not normally get, so he happily obliges. She stomps on the cake and lets her slave eat the little bits off the bottom of her high heel sandals.

Sisters Lea, Kitty, and Maeva are sitting on the couch in their living room when a knock is heard from the door. Mistress Maeva comes back with a pitiful looking man begging for food and he will do anything to get some. They make the loser lick each of their shoes and then stuff all of their sweaty feet in his mouth until they are nice and clean of dirt.

Mistress Maeva makes a short walk outside in the park with her foot slave. After her boots have become dirty she first makes him lick them clean. As reward she slips out of her sexy boots to make him worship her sweaty and stinky bare feet. She shoves 5 toes at the same time into his slave mouth allowing him to suck the dirt between them...

Those evil girls Lea and Maeva are forcing their slave to lick their sexy black and white high heeled boots clean in the forest in public!!! He is made to lay down and swallow each heel as far as possible. He is made to suck and lick all the dirt off their leather until their boots become shiny again...

Mistress Maeva forces a slave to worship her muddy riding boots in the outdoors. He has to eat the mud from her shoes and gets his whole face covered with mud as she pushes the boots hard into his face. To clean his face she spits into his face afterwards - isn't she a gracious mistress?

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