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Xenia loves the power over men because she thinks that men are the weaker gender. She finds it pathetic that some of them can be easily controlled by feet - so she started to film herself while she humiliates and controls men with her feet. Her archive is growing - her plan is to show the world how pathetic the male-creature is...

Lady Xenia has her foot slave laying on the ground as she sits on a white chair. She peels down her socks and pushes them violently on the slaves mouth and nose. She commands him to breath in deeply and pushes her bare feet on the textiles just to make him smell every inch of her amazing stinky socks.

Xenia has one of her slaves bound up and put on the ground in front of her bed! She wears some pink military trousers, pink socks and a pink top! She treats him by trampling him with her sneakers on, then she takes them off to make him sniff her sweaty socks - in the end the slave is allowed to smell and worship her bare feet... what a wonderful dream...

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