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Dominant hottie Saskia walks all over her pathetic slave like an old mangy rug! The sexy sadistic mistress orders him to lay on the floor like the dirty doormat that he is. First she punishes him by walking all over him with her white sneakers, then she blesses him with her bare feet and tramples all over his pathetic body until his face is completely bright red with utter humiliation!

Mistress Katja puts a gag and mask over her man's face and makes him lay on his back. She puts on her dirty shoes and climbs on his body. Using her full weight she walks up and down his body including his face. He cannot see anything. Katja could hear him gasping after each step on his chest and on his hard cock. Trampling him makes her pussy completely wet.

Those evil sisters are not called the SadoSisters without any basement. In this clip they have simply kidnapped one guy from their class who tried to date them. Next they bound him up and put sticky tape over his mouth to shut him up. Now they are punishing him by stepping on his face and body and humiliate him by telling him how pathetic he is...

Mistress Katja always has new ideas on how to treat and punish her little loyal servants. This time she decided to perform some ultimate trampling tests on her victim! So he has to lay down on the ground, then she puts a lath floor right on him - and next she steps on it so that the slave has to carry both on his body. First she tramples him indirectly with her sneakers, then she gets out of them to put their stinky shoes on his nose while trampling him with her socks on...

Mistress Katja is angry. This guy is owes her money he cannot bring up at the moment. So he gives her his clock - but she cannot sell it so she decides to crush his clock right in front of him. After she is done with it she tramples him with her sneakers and verbal humiliates him a lot for being such a loser.

Xenia has one of her slaves bound up and put on the ground in front of her bed! She wears some pink military trousers, pink socks and a pink top! She treats him by trampling him with her sneakers on, then she takes them off to make him sniff her sweaty socks - in the end the slave is allowed to smell and worship her bare feet... what a wonderful dream...

Dominatrix Katja has bound her slave to the railing of the stairs and tramples him under her sexy sneakers. She tramples his whole body, his legs and even his head. Of course the slave is moaning in pain with the hard profile sole of the sneakers digging into his body and the hard stone stairs digging into his back but that doesn't bother Katja - it's just too much fun trampling him. She'll probable use him as her stairs more often!

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