Foot Slave - All about foot slaves serving their mistresses

Mistress Anni had an issue with her boyfriend and she did not want to let things end without her humiliating him and punishing him for it. That is why she chose to trample him and turn him into a foot slave so that he would learn to fear her and to do things her way. Or at the very least consult her before he did things. She did not want to be ignored.

This guy was not as well behaved as mistress Dula wanted him to be. She had to ensure that the guy learned his lesson and for that to happen, she had to be a little cruel to him. The mistress used her high heels to trample him and make sure he was in pain and that he begged her for mercy. She sat back and knew that the point was home.

Mistress Courtney was taken aback when this guy spanked her ass. She has a great ass but she could not believe that he had the audacity to spank her and yet they did not know each other. And for that, she had to punish him and she did it with her high heels. She crushed his hands with her high heels and he learned never to spank anyone he did not know well.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and goddess Yasemin needed to make sure this guy was in the right frame of mind and they did this by forcing him to gag on their high heels. He could not believe it and he was shocked at the extent to which they did what they did. He was shocked and he cried but that did not do anything to make them stop. They had to ensure he learned his lesson.

Goddess Kira had a colleague who had the hots for her and she did not want it to continue. He was making her uncomfortable and she had to stop him. She did this by letting him know that she would crush his balls with her boots if he did not do what she asked him to do. He was afraid of her and knew she was serious so he stopped.

This guy needed to be put in his place and this mistress did that using her foot fetish. She had dirty socks which she had the guy lick as well as smell and he had no choice but to do that. In addition to that, the mistress also spat on him to show him that she was not messing around. He was lucky she did not trample him in any way.

Madam Mysteria is the kind of person of who likes to dominate and today she chose to cruelly humiliate the guy and make him learn his lesson in an interesting way for her but torturous for him. She facesat him and after she had choked him a little, she chose to trample him all over including his balls. She did this using her high heels and it was cruel and painful.

Lady Despina is the kind of person who likes to do some crazy things. She wanted to make sure that she humiliated this foot slave and she did it with her foot fetish. The mistress turned her slave into a foot slave and she made sure that she licked her feet, licked her socks and also sucked her toes. It was humiliating for the foot slave but he had no choice.

Mistress Alice and mistress Sofia wanted to dominate this girl and they did it because she was insane. The girl had been doing some silly things and the mistresses did not want to continue dealing with her until she changed the way the mistresses wanted. They had to ensure that he learned his lesson and that is when they let her go. She never repeated her mistake again after that.

When lady Layla felt that this guy was not doing things the right way, she had to punish him and she had to make sure that he learned to be a disciplined person. The mistress used her high heel boots to torture the guy and he regretted the things he had done. He was in a lot of pain but the mistress did not want to let him go until she was sure the lesson was home.

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