Foot Slave - All about foot slaves serving their mistresses - Page 72

The evil SadoSisters did a nice Journey on their roller skates. As they arrive home they just want to relax their sweaty and tired feet. What else is better than using their foot slave as personal carpet, and foot-worshipper? Of course their feet became sweaty and wet during their ride - but those ladies won't be called SadoSisters if they would mind this fact in any way...

Dominatrix Katja has bound her slave to the railing of the stairs and tramples him under her sexy sneakers. She tramples his whole body, his legs and even his head. Of course the slave is moaning in pain with the hard profile sole of the sneakers digging into his body and the hard stone stairs digging into his back but that doesn't bother Katja - it's just too much fun trampling him. She'll probable use him as her stairs more often!

Mistress Maeva forces a slave to worship her muddy riding boots in the outdoors. He has to eat the mud from her shoes and gets his whole face covered with mud as she pushes the boots hard into his face. To clean his face she spits into his face afterwards - isn't she a gracious mistress?

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