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In this clip the mistress Gina "welcomes" a new slave-applicant. He gets the honor to introduce himself right on his knees in front of her. After telling her why he is applying himself, she decides to make some recruiting tests! So he has to lay down in front of her on the ground and lick her shoes clean. She pushes her heel into his chest while the other one gets licked and worshipped...

Mistress Katja is angry. This guy is owes her money he cannot bring up at the moment. So he gives her his clock - but she cannot sell it so she decides to crush his clock right in front of him. After she is done with it she tramples him with her sneakers and verbal humiliates him a lot for being such a loser.

See Mistress Anna trample her bound up slave outside in the garden of a farm. She steps on his fingers and hands to make him cry - and then she steps on his chest to stomp and trample him. She doesn't' even think about him and his suffering - she is amused and that's the main issue...

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